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12-Pocket Parachute Bag, Gray / Tan

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Keep your work area clean and organized with the Dickies Work Gear 57004 12-Pocket Parachute Bag. Constructed of gray and tan colored heavy-duty canvas, this bag features 12 compartments with a double-layered base. The 12 drawstring-securable pockets perfectly organize and store nuts, screws, bolts and other small objects while working. Each drawstring, one for the large and one for the medium pockets, also has a spring-loaded cord lock to keep them secured when closed. A snap-secured tape strap on the outside allows easy storage for rolls of duct or electrical tape. The webbed handle provides a sturdy grip while carrying the bag from one job site to another or allows you to hang the bag within reach of any job.

  • Parachute-style bag with 6 large and 6 medium sized pouch pockets
  • Constructed of high quality, durable canvas with a double-layered base
  • Perfect for organizing and storing nuts, screws, bolts and other small objects
  • Snap-secured tape strap for additional storage
  • Webbed handle for easy transport
  • 2 quick-closure drawstrings with spring-loaded cord locks